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Cecilia Miniucchi

Born in Rome and educated in the United States, Ms. Miniucchi has apprenticed in both the Italian and the American filmmaking systems. Ms. Miniucchi has worked with directors such as Federico Fellini and Lina Wertmuller and in the United States she has apprenticed at Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios. She’s currently in post-production with her feature film “Seven Weeks In”.
Her previous full-length feature “Expired” stars Samantha Morton, Jason Patric, Teri Garr and Illeana Douglas. A passionate love story between two traffic parking officers, produced by Fred Roos and Jeffrey Coulter, “Expired” was an official selection at Sundance and Cannes, received critical acclaim and secured US and foreign theatrical distribution. Cecilia’s first film, “Normality”, premiered at major international festivals, and received several awards, securing representation at ICM.



Jeffrey Coulter

After an extensive career producing commercials, documentaries and music videos, Jeffrey Coulter with partner Fred Roos (Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Lost in Translation) produced the film Expired written and directed by Cecilia Miniucchi, starring Samantha Morton, Jason Patric with Illeana Douglass and Teri Garr.
The film has been critically lauded and accepted at the prestigious festivals of Cannes, Sundance, AFI, and Stockholm to name a few. He has gone on to produce And the Circus Leaves Town, the thriller Rushlights, the comedy On The Rocks, and Freak Show directed by Trudie Styler, starring Bette Midler. He also lent his hand as composer for some of these films and numerous commercial campaigns.



Jason Rose 1

Jason Rose, the son of Taiwanese and European heritage, has lived and worked all over the world and brings a uniquely Asian American perspective. He has been producing films for 14 years, from independent fair like the documentaries Showrunners, Barista and the 2020 Gamemaster, to arthouse films like James Franco’s King Cobra, to bigger more commercial pictures like Jon Favreau’s Chef, Natalie Portman’s Jane Got A Gun and Oscar Isaac’s upcoming thriller The Card Counter, which just premiered at The Venice Film Festival and hits theaters this weekend!



Carl F Berg copy

Los Angeles born Carl F. Berg has been a renown curator, gallery owner and director for almost thirty years. The film business has fallen into his lap when during the LA Lockdown, he decided to step in to help produce the feature film LIFE UPSIDE DOWN with Bob Odenkirk, Danny Huston and Radha Mitchell. This has led to the creation of a new TV series on the arts with a Hollywood renown actor and collaborator. Berg’s newest Video project reunites a broad range of Los Angeles-based gallery owners, curators, collectors, critics and also artists, to create a historical document in a video format for future generations. He is presently the founder/director of PRJCTLA, a new gallery in downtown Los Angeles.




Rose Kuo is a veteran film industry leader who has stewarded film festivals, film productions and served as a senior film executive. She founded the consulting firm, Festworks, to help companies and filmmakers navigate the cross-border film space, and advises on festival strategy and awards campaigns (ROMA, AMERICAN FACTORY, MARRIAGE STORY, HAND OF GOD, POWER OF THE DOG among others). She is the former Executive Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Artistic Director of AFI FEST, and was CEO for a division of Wanda Culture Group, overseeing company’s expansion into the film space and the launch of Qingdao Movie Metropolis. She began her career as a camera assistant for award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler, and as an assistant editor for renowned directors Paul Schrader, Ed Zwick and Martin Scorsese.



Holley Heitz 12

Holley Heitz is an Emmy nominated television and film producer. She recently executive-produced the film LIFE UPSIDE DOWN, currently in post-production.

She has produced hit shows such as 20th Television’s “Divorce Court” and Fox primetime show “The Moment of Truth”. Heitz has executive produced the film “Expired”, official selection at Sundance and Cannes where it secured US and Worldwide distribution. Holley Heitz is currently in pre-production on the feature documentary “Seven Bridges Road” based on the true story of 12 women murdered by a serial killer in North Carolina, which she’s directing and producing. Heitz was born in New Jersey and now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.



Fred Roos

Los Angeles born Academy winner and legendary Hollywood producer Fred Roos marked the history of filmmaking not only with his genius casting talent, discovering actors like Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen, and others, but also as producer of some of the most memorable films ever made in film history: “Apocalypse Now”,

“The Godfather” (2-3), “The Black Stallion”, “Barfly”, and more recent features such as “Lost In Translation”,“Expired“, “Youth without Youth” and “St Vincent” .



Antoni Stutz

Antoni Stutz is a Swiss/German filmmaker and artist. Stutz is known for the neo-noir thriller Rushlights which he directed and produced, starring Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, Josh Henderson and Haley Webb and was included in the Montreal International Film Festival, the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Dallas International Film Festival as well as the Newport Beach Film Festival. He has also directed the comedy/thriller, You're Killing Me starring Julie Bowen (Modern Family). Stutz as Executive Produced alongside Fred Roos and Jeffrey Coulter, the feature film Expired directed by Cecilia Miniucchi, starring Jason Patric and Samantha Morton, official selection at the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Stutz is currently the Executive Producer of LIFE UPSIDE DOWN, directed by Cecilia Miniucchi and developing his next feature film, a psychological thriller. Stutz has began his career in LA as an actor in his teens. Early television roles included Tour of Duty and Michael Mann's Crime Story. His first feature film role was in John Frankenheimer's Dead Bang co-starring Don Johnson, Penelope Ann Miller and William Forsythe. Stutz has also directed commercials and music videos including MTV's iconic "ROCK THE VOTE" campaign. As an artist Stutz has exhibited his paintings, photography and multi-textural installations both nationally and internationally in LA at the Bergman Gallery, at the Riverside Art Museum, at the Irvine Fine Arts Center and the BerlinArtProjects Gallery in Berlin. His "Sculptural Pop-Cubism" work was recently presented at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco at the inaugural "If So, What" and at the Los Angeles gallery DENK.




Sonia Machado-Hines is a director, producer and entertainment executive who focuses on not just her own work, but also on helping visionaries realize their own potential success. Sonia Machado-Hines was born and partially raised in Havana. Her native Cuban roots have instilled in her a high work ethic that is inspired by the love of many cultures, which enhances the quality of her work.
Her production company Black ++ Productions was inspired as a result of her success with producers, writers and other Hollywood executives over the years. Sonia Machado-Hines first foray in the industry is the dramatic short "Karbouj." Shot partially in Beirut, it explores the impact of family ties (or sad lack thereof) through the simple act of cooking.
Being an artist, as well as a keen businesswoman from her studies at Purdue University, Sonia started a career coaching business for Entertainment Professionals in 2004 and was promptly awarded the title of "Emerging Business Of The Year" by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Sonia is an active fundraiser of the esteemed Women in Film organization and a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The International Documentary Association and Film Independent.
Sonia's concern, commitment and responsibility for inspiring others keeps her actively involved in raising the productivity standards and self-esteem of those in need by working with the non-profit programs at NYFest and LAFest founded by good friend, Dylan Leiner - Executive Vice President of Sony Pictures Classics, and Jeff Saunders in New York City.